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February 26 2012


Fettucini Alfredo. Looks Good And It’s Simple

We all get slowly tired with bland meals and would rather opt for a yummy alternative. Those basic recipes though seem to be more convenient to create and economical to make. Though some dinners are a joy to create with just basic components most will normally have already.
My favourites are the filling meals that after a hard days work one could still quickly make fettucini alfredo. A beautifully delicious Italian meal as one often expects from the taste kings of the Mediterranean. Maybe you’re like me, all you request out of your recipe is a happy tongue and a full tummy then this is what those Italians are great at creating.

Such a pasta recipe is extremely simple it is nice to get creative with and what really helps, I predict you already have most of the ingredients in your larder already, so why not give it a go. Fettucini alfredos basic components are simply cream,butter,pasta,cheese (preferably parmesan), and garlic. Definitely seasoning is a must so pepper, garlic and salt is needed but most of us tend to have these in abundance. I’m betting right now your brain is wondering about all the possibilities you could build with this dish. Pasta’s a tasty meal anyway with a creamy cheese sauce, and even more so with the garlic chucked in. When I first made this simple fettucini alfredo my brain right away began to wonder about the alternative components you can mix into it to build an extremely delicouse meal.

Have a think to yourself what blends well with a creamy cheese sauce. Salmon goes really good. I have done this two of ways, one being smoked salmon chopped and stirred in.There is two. Asparagus is a common option that many go for, I make sure I don’t over boil this as it can go wilted and be to close to the texture of pasta, so just gently boil it to leave it a bit crunchy.

A tasty weekend treat I make, also as a midnight snack after a good night out is mushroom and pepperoni. I make this by cooking my fettucini alfredo and then sprinkle slices of mushroom and pepperoni on top until it is well coated. All I then do is put it beneath the grill to cook the mushroom and pepperoni. Once you are happy with how its cooked mix them in so that each fork of the dinner has a lovely piece of pepperoni and mushroom on it. The oils and spices from the pepperoni seep into the alfredo sauce and this just gives it a very nice punch.Hopefully this cheekyarticle will give you some thoughts when it comes to cooking fettucini alfredo. Do not forget such a simple meal only needs a little creative more to make it extra tasty..

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